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Garima Greh Yojana

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Minister of Central Government Thaawar Chand Gehlot has introduced the National Portal for Transgender Person from which they can make the Identity card and certificate online. Thaawar Gehlot also introduced the “Garima Greh Yojana“.

The objective of Garima Greh Yojana is to provide a safe and secure living environment to vulnerable women and children, especially those who have been affected by domestic violence, family disputes, mental illness, or substance abuse.

The scheme aims to rehabilitate these women and children by providing them with a safe and stable living environment, counseling, and skill development training, which will help them become self-reliant and independent.

Garima Greh – Shelter for Home for Transgender Persons” was first launched in Vadodara which will run in association with Lakshya Trust.


Garima Grey Yojana, Highlight

Name of SchemeGarima Greh- Shelter Home for Transgenders
Introduced byCentral Social Justice and Empowerment Department
BeneficaryAll transgender person/community
Portal UnderCentral Government
Official Here

Main Purpose of Garima Greh Scheme

The main purpose of Garima Greh which is known as Shelter Home is to provide shelter to transgender persons like Shelter, food, medical care, and other facilities.

The most important motive behind this Shelter home scheme for transgender is to provide a support system for building skill development of transgender persons in the community to lead their life in dignity and respect.

This scheme will help the transgender community to develop self-confidence and self motivate to face the world with pride. The Central Government has taken this action in order to make the Transgender community get all the basic rights and place in India.

The scheme also includes provisions for counseling and rehabilitation services for women and children. The government has partnered with various NGOs and organizations that specialize in counseling and rehabilitation to provide these services. Additionally, the scheme provides skill development training to women and children to help them become financially independent.

Garima Greh Scheme Facilities

Shelter homes for transgender Scheme have a very wonderful motive and it provides certain facilities to transgender people in India. The government has made the facilities to the Transgender person who doesn’t have shelter or those who have removed from the house, such kind of transgender people can access these facilities. Below is the list of facilities that are provided by the Central Government.

  • Shelter facility
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Recreational facilities
  • Skill development opportunities
  • Yoga
  • Meditation/prayers
  • Physical fitness
  • Library facilities
  • Legal support
  • Technical advice for gender transition and surgeries
  • Capacity building of trans-friendly organizations
  • Employment and skill-building support

Shelter Home for Transgender Persons- Garima Greh

Union Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Thawarchand Ghelot have introduced the Garima Greh, a shelter for transgender people on 25th November 2020, Vadodara, Gujarat.

The main objective is to provide shelter to the transgender person with some basic needs like shelter, food, medicines, and recreation.


Important Facts about the Garima Greh

Garima Griha runs in collaboration with Laxman trust which is a community-based organization runs by Transgender.

Garima greh

In this scheme of ” Shelter Homes for Transgender” 10 cities have been identified for setting up 13 selected Shelter Homes in the country on experimental basis to improve the conditions of Transgender persons.

The cities include Vadodra, New Delhi, Patna, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, Kolkata , Manipur, Chennai, Raipur, Mumbai etc.

This scheme will rehabilitate a minimum of 25 transgender persons in each of the houses which means in one house there will be 25 transgender can live.

This is a pilot project and after its success, similar schemes will be expanded or launch to other parts of the country.

National Portal for transgender persons has been also launched. The portal will help transgender people from anywhere in the country to apply for a certificate and identity card digitally.

🔶 Apply EWS Certificate Online

National Portal For Transgender@

Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Shri Thaawar Chand Gehlot National Portal For transgender and Garima Greh, a shelter Home for transgender persons.

The National Portal for transgender is for making the identity card and certificate of each individual transgender. Now the Transgender Identity card can be applied digitally without visiting any government office.

The National Portal for Transgender people will help in building the transgender community by getting their Identity cards. Now the Central Government has provided all the facilities to the Transgender community to build self-confidence.

The Transgender application Form for Identity cards can be applied through the official website and entering some details.

Now the Trangender people will also have their Identity and certificate officially.

Garima Greh Pilot Project

The Garima Greh is developed in order to provide the basic needs to the Transgender person such that they can develop self skill and does not depends on anyone.

In this scheme, the 25 transgender people will live together in one house snd similarly for others. Transgender will get to learn many extra curriculum activities and the main motive is that transgender people must get self-independent.

The Garima Greh has been first introduced in Vadodara which is also known as Home Shelter for Transgender. The central Government policy for the third gender is to liberate them and make them feel confident.

The scheme provides not only shelter and food it also provides the chance for all transgender to enhance their skill and be self-dependent people.

This Vadodara Garima Greh scheme is a pilot project which means the trial one, once this plan runs successfully in this state then the Government will launch in other cities.

This Garima Grh Pilot Project Vadodara has been launched in November 2020 in order to check the response of transgender people so that the government can take action in other states/cities.

National Portal For Transgender Person

The minister has introduced the Garima Greh scheme along with the National Portal for Transgender in which the transgender can get the identity card and certificate of their gender.

Both the schemes have been launched in November 2020 in order to build the transgender community and provide them with equal rights and dignity.

In Garima Greh Yojana the Central Government will not only provide Shelter to transgender but will also help in enhancing their skills development.

So that in future they will not be depended on any other. Yoga, meditation, etc all these types of activities will be held so that they can improve their skills which will help them in the future to live with dignity.

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Garima Greh Scheme (Conclusion)

Garima griha portal introduced by government of India it is also called as National portal for transgender. In this article we will give all the information about Garima greh portal like beneficiary, facilities of this portal, purpose and many more information available in this article. If you have any query about this portal you can call on helpline number.

FAQ on Garima Greh

What is meant by Garima Greh?

Garima Greh means Shelter Home for Transgender People.

When did Garima Greh Yojana have been Launched?

Garima Greh Yojana have been launched on 25th November 2020.

What is the purpose og Garima Greh?

Thebmain purporse of Garima Greh is to provide shelter home for transgender person and other facilities like medical care, food etc.

In which cities Garima Greh scheme have been first launched?

In vadoddara, Gujarat the Garima Greh scheme have been launched first.

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