EWS certificate online: Application form,Documents,Renew,Status(State wise)

EWS certificate online, EWS certificate eligibility criteria, Required documents for EWS, EWS certificate format PDF these all details provided in the article.

EWS certificate is similar to Income Certificate which is provided only for those who come under a particular threshold. EWS certificate is similar to other reservations, a 10% quota is reserved for those who have a certificate. As you know lots of category people were getting advantages because of their caste reservation but there was no reserved quota for the general category. But now general category person can also take benefit if he/she has an EWS certificate as they have already a 10% reserved quota.

The first state-implemented scheme was Gujarat from 14 January 2019 onwards. If you are confused about who will get benefit through this scheme then read the whole article we have given each and every detailed description about eligibility criteria and benefits of this scheme.

Now a common question arrives as this is reservation steam for general category, so the only student can take benefit of this scheme or it will be applied in government jobs as well. EWS reservation quota is beneficial for a student who is willing to take admission for higher education also a candidate who is applying for any government job.

What is EWS certificate?

EWS certificate is issued by government authority for only those who belong to lower or weaker in the economy or we can say who fall under the economical section. As we already have backward categories like SC, ST, or OBC but EWS is totally separated from this category. Even general category person can also take advantage of this category. EWS income certificate category is differently launched in 2019 by the government of India.

EWS Full form

Full form of EWS is “Economically Weaker Section“.

General EWS certificate overview

Name EWS certificate
Apply modeOnline/offline
Valid up to1 year
Reserve Quota10%
PortalDifferent for each state
PurposeTo get the benefit for those who belong to economically weak families.

Required documents for EWS income certificate

Check the below documents list which required for make EWS certificate and ready those docs available with you.

  • Passport-size photograph
  • Aadhaar card
  • Identity Proof (Pan card, Voter ID/Election card, etc.)
  • Property documents/Land documents(7/12 Utara)
  • Affidavit/Self Declaration
  • Residential or address proof/Domicile Certificate
  • Bank Statement
  • Caste certificate

Eligibility criteria for EWS Certificate 2021

General categoryThe candidate must belong to the general category. Other SC, ST, OBC category candidates not eligible to take advantage.
Family IncomeThe candidate’s family income should not be more than 8 lakhs INR. (Including all earning sources)
Agriculture LandIf a candidate has agricultural land then it should less than 5 acres in area. More than 5 acres candidate is not eligible for EWS certificate.
Residential flatIf the candidate’s family owns a residential flat then the area of the flat should be less than 1000 Sqft to take EWS Certificate.
Plot in notified municipalitiesIf owns a plot in notified municipalities then the area should not be more than 100 square yards.
Plot in other than notified municipalitiesIf owns a plot other than notified municipalities then the area should not be more than 200 square yards.

Can UPSC candidates take advantage of EWS reservations?

Yes, if you fall under general category and also you have EWS certificate then 10% quota is reserved for EWS category.

Benefits of EWS certificate

EWS certificate has lots of benefit for a candidate who is applying for higher education admission or govt jobs. If a candidate has an EWS certificate then he/she can directly fall under a 10% reservation. Can you think about it let’s take the example of 2 candidates, Suppose both candidates are from the general category and both scored the same marks in the entrance exam but the 2nd candidate has an EWS certificate so 2nd candidate gets preference than the first and 2nd candidate will fall under 10% reservation.

  • 10% reservation
  • EWS certificate can be used for both admission and govt job selection.
  • Only for General Category.
  • Separate reservation scheme from another category.

EWS vs central EWS difference

There is no difference between EWS and central EWS certificates both are the same only and there will be only one certificate for each state candidate. But there is a certain state in India that sets its own criteria for eligibility of EWS certificate. For example, you can go to the Haryana website and check the EWS certificate format in that they motioned annual income should be less than 6 lakhs, whereas the central government has criteria of below 8 lakhs. So from that, we can conclude that the Haryana EWS certificate is a state EWS certificate.

Validity of EWS certificate

Each certificate has there specific validity period and it is invalid once validity is over. It depends on state to state authority but usually validity of EWS or income certificate is 1 Year. EWS certificate is verified if candidate is applying for admission or any government job. There is logical reason behind the 1 year validity as income of family may increase or decrease and it is not constant always.

EWS application fee

Application fee for making EWS certificate online is varies for each states because official which issues EWS certificate is depends on state government. Fee for EWS certificate is not so much it will be nominal only, But we cannot define particular amount as it differ state by state.

Fee for AP EWS certificate:

  • Application fee- Rs.10/-.
  • Application and certificate charge- Rs. 35/- .

EWS certificate Apply online(Process)

The application can be applied online but you need to find the issuing authority website of the state government. Read all the instructions provided on the online application and for applying EWS certificate online make sure to go through the govt or authorized website. EWS certificate formate is the same throughout the country.

As each state government has their own authority check below is the link for AP EWS certificate apply online.

AP state government Online EWS Certificate

EWS Certificate format pdf

Below is the format of EWS reservation certificate also you can download EWS certificate format from below link in PDF format.

EWS certificate format

10 % EWS Reservation Quota

The central government has recently announced the 10% EWS reservation quota. 10% quota is provided for Economically Weaker Section of General Category in government jobs and educational institutions.

In our country (India) there are two types of seats – Reserved seats and Merit Seats.

Merit seats are opened for all reserved seats/categories.

In India, there are some reservation quotas according to the categories – OBC Quota, SC Quota, ST Quota. EWS Quota is a new updated one that is launched in 2019.

EWS reservation Quota has been introduced for only the General category. Those who come under this EWS seat they should not miss this opportunity,

Till date, there was no Reservation Quota for General Category. Now the Indian Constitution has passed the new Law from which General Category people will now have 10% reservation seat in the education and government sector.

Candidates who come under this reservation must use this wonderful opportunity. But there are certain criteria for this also.

Now let’s take a look how does reservation and merit works in India.

CategoryReservation QuotaMerit Quota before 10%EWS reservationReservation +Merit quota before 10% reservationMerit Quota After EWS 10% reservationReservation +Merit quota After reservation
SC15%50.50 %66.50%40.50%55.50%
OBC27%50.50 %77.50%40.50%67.50%
General Merit050.50%50.50%40.50%50.50%
General EWS10%50.50%50.50%40.50%40.50%

Atmanirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana

EWS Reservation Quota Before and After 10%quota

10% EWS Quota (Before)10% EWS Quota (After)
CategoryIf there are 1000 seats then how many seats we can effectively compete?If there are 1000 seats then how many seats we can effectively compete?
OBS 775675
General Merit505505
General EWS505405

Authorities to Issue Income and Asset Certificate For EWS Candidates

The benefit of reservation under EWS can be availed upon production of an Income
and Asset Certificate
issued by a Competent Authority.

The Income and Asset Certificate issued ‘by any one of the following authorities in the prescribed format as given below, shall only be accepted as proof of candidate’s claim as belonging to EWS: –

  • District Magistrate
  • Additional District Magistrate
  • Collector
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Additional Deputy Commissioner
  • 1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate
  • Sub-Divisional Magistrate
  • Taluka Magistrate
  • Executive Magistrate
  • Extra Assistant Commissioner
  • Chief Presidency Magistrate
  • Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate
  • Presidency Magistrate
  • Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar
  • Sub-Divisional Officer or the area where the candidate and/or his family resides
  • The Officer who issues the certificate would do the same after carefully verifying all
    relevant documents following due process as prescribed by the respective State/UT.

The crucial date for submitting income and asset certificate by the candidate will be
the closing date for receipt of an application for the post as advertised by the Indian Coast

Any certificate other than prescribed format and issued by any authority other
than those mentioned in Para-1 above will lead to disqualification of the candidate in the Indian
Coast Guard.

How to Apply Offline for EWS Certificate| EWS Form Offline Apply

Offline Application of EWS Certificate can be filled. To fill the EWS application Form Offline mode follow the simple process mentioned below.

  1. First, Visit the official website and download the EWS certificate form PDF.
  2. Next fill in all the details asked.
  3. Now paste a photograph and attach all the required documents with that.
  4. Submit EWS form to the Tahsil/Block Officer.
  5. In case You can also contact the nearest common service center or Jan Sewa Kendra for any updates on the EWS Certificate.
  6. Depending upon each state government’s rules the EWS Form can be submitted in online or offline mode.

The information you need to fill in EWS Form includes the following details- State Govt. Name, Applicants name, Father/husband name, Caste, Financial year, and attested passport-sized photograph.

Renewal Process of EWS Certificate

For renewal of EWS certificate you need to follow the same procedure applying for EWS certificate

To get the EWS certificate follow the below procedure.

Visit the following officer (any) of your area to get the Income and Asset Certificate. The certificate issued by any one authority will only be accepted as a proof of candidates claim of belonging to EWS.

  • Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar
  • Sub-Divisional Officer or the area where the candidate and/or his family normally resides.
  • District Magistrate/Additional District Magistrate/ Collector/ Deputy Commissioner/Additional Deputy Commissioner/ 1st Class Stipendary  Magistrate/ Sub-Divisional Magistrate/ Taluka Magistrate/ Executive Magistrate/ Extra Assistant Commissioner
  • Chief Presidency Magistrate/Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate/ Presidency Magistrate
  • The Certificate issued by the officer will do the same after verifying carefully all the documents prescribed by the respective state./UT.
  • Inquiry of Income and Asset will be done by the concerned officer before providing the EWS certificate.

How to Check EWS Application Form Status

EWS applications can be submitted online from various states. The online portal provides the opportunity to track the EWS application status.

Just by using the EWS application number we can track the EWS application status online.

For applicants it is necessary to retain their application number so that it will become easy to check the EWS application status online.

EWS Certificate vs OBC Certificate

  • OBC stands for “Other Backward Classes” and EWS stands for “Economically Weaker Section“.
  • There are 27% seats reserved for OBC candidates and for EWS 10% seats.
  • There is no age relaxation for EWS certificate holders, age relaxation is for ST, SC, OBC candidates only.
  • EWS certificate is only for General class aspirants whose family financial income is not more than 8 lakhs.

EWS Certificate Application Form 2021

The EWS application Form 2021 can be submitted online or offline mode. But it totally depends on the state government.

For an online EWS application, you need to visit the official website of issuing authority and select the link and proceed further.

But in the case of the Offline EWS Application form, the person has to collect the EWS form from the issuing authority. They can also download it by visiting the official website.

For offline procedure you need to take print copy of the ESW form and fill the required detail asked.

The format of EWS certificate provided by the Govt. of India is same for the entire country.   

Generally, the EWS certificate is issued by Indian citizens who come under the Economically Weaker Section category.

Through this certificate, they will be benefited by 10 % reservation in direct recruitment in civil posts and services under the EWS Scheme.

EWS certificate is originally used as an income and property certificate. EWS certificate provides the chance of 10 % reservation for people belonging to weaker sections.

The interested candidates who fall under the Economically weaker section scheme can take the benefit by downloading the EWS application form from offline/ online mode.

FAQ of EWS certificate online

Candidates following under EWS will get extra benefit?

Candidates who fall under the Economically Weaker Section EWS will get a 10% reservation quota. There will be no age relaxation or limit and number of attempts. It will be the same as those for General (merit) candidates.

How much agriculture land must be owned to get the EWS certificate?

To get the EWS certificate the family need 5 acres not more than that.

How much income required for EWS certificate?

Annual income for EWS certificate should not be more than 8 lakhs(It also differ state to state)

Who will get the EWS Certificate?

The EWS certificate is for only the General category in that those who have an annual income less than 8 lakh, not more than 5 acres., Residential flat less than 1000 sq. ft Those who comes in this category will come under the EWS.

What is EWS Quota in NEET?

According to the policy of the Indian government introduced in 2019,10% of seats are reserved for GEN-EWS candidates in order to take admission in MBBS colleges.
General candidates whose family income is less than 8 LPA will come under the EWS quota.

What is the validity period of EWS certificate?

The validity certificate of the Economically Weaker Section depends on the state from where the candidates apply for the reservation.

Documents required to get EWS certificate?

Following are the documents required for the EWS Certificate
Aadhaar Card.
Id Proof.
Affidavit/Self Declaration.
Land/property documents.
Residential proof/Domicile Certificate.
Passport-sized photograph.
Other relevant documents.

Can I apply for EWS certificate Online?

The EWS Application can be submitted online or offline. But it depends on the individual state government. For applying online you need to visit the official website of issuing authority and select the link as per the instructions provided.

Who comes in EWS Quota?

Candidates belonging to the General category whose annual income is less than 8 LPA. SC/ST/OBC category does not come under the Economically Weaker Section.

Is Income Certificate and EWS certificate are same?

No, both are different. An income certificate defines the overall income of your family but an EWS certificate is for a weaker section whose family income is below 8 lakh.

When I should renew EWS Certificate?

The validity period of Economically Weaker Section EWS varies according to the state. The Gujarat and Bihar state has1 year EWS Validity certificate. Maharashtra has 6 months.

What documents needed for EWS certificate?

Passport-sized photograph.
-Aadhaar card.
-ID Proof (Pan card, Voter ID, etc.)
-Land/property documents.
-Affidavit/Self Declaration.
-Residential proof/Domicile Certificate

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