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IGRS AP portal provides online services: IGRS AP Search EC online, Encumbrance Certificate view and download online, AP EC verification online, IGRS AP EC Registration.

IGRS AP is launched by the state government to provide online services for encumbrance certificates. Andhra Pradesh citizens can take advantage of the scheme to find their property details online. Along with EC, there are various services on the IGRS AP online portal of Andhra Pradesh. Through this portal, Andhra Pradesh citizens can check their registration details of property online at IGRS AP.

What is an encumbrance certificate?
An encumbrance certificate proves that the land is free from any monetary or legal arrears. In a simple way, this certificate basically assured that this land is free from any legal or monetary dues.

AP (EC) Encumbrance certificate online IGRS

An encumbrance certificate is very much important for the owner of the state of Andhra Pradesh. If any property owner wants to sell his property then this certificate helps the buyer to know that property/land is free from legal and monetary dues.

The main purpose of the Andhra Pradesh State government is to launch the IGRSAP portal to make digitalization of all the property data. From the IGRS portal, you can do verification of your encumbrance certificate online. In any case, you want to download a copy of the encumbrance Certificate online then this is also possible through the Andhra Pradesh IGRS portal.

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Overview of IGRS AP portal registration.ap.gov.in

BeneficiariesCitizen of Andhra Pradesh
Service modeOnline
ObjectiveTo search, verify and download EC certificate
StateAndhra Pradesh
CategoryState Government Scheme
PurposeTo provide EC certificate details online

Full form of IGRS AP

IGRS AP stands for Integrated System For Redress Of Grievances Andhra Pradesh

Services provided by IGRS AP(List)

Andhra Pradesh IGRS portal provides useful services online to make it easy for a citizen of AP. Take advantage of all the below services on the AP IGRS website online.

  • Get all registration details of applied EC on IGRS AP by entering few fields.
  • Provides assistance on duty and stamp fee.
  • Search any property online on the IGRS portal which is registered at Sub-Registrar’s office.
  • Verification of provided certificate can also be done @ IGRS AP portal.
  • Registration of Property
  • Registration of Society
  • Registration of Company
  • Know the market value of property
  • Registered marriage
  • Stamp duty and registration fees payment

How to Search EC (Encumbrance Certificate) on IGRS?

Most of the time this search EC page faces downtime issues and the portal shows servers are under migration. So you can please approach the concerned Sub-Registrar office or get EC through Mee-Seva. But in case if you see it is in a working state then follow the below steps to search EC certificate online on IGRS.

Step 1: Open the portal

Step 2: Go to the Services section which is on the right side

EC Search service

Step 3: Click and open Search EC

Step 4: Fill in the required details whenever aked by the portal

Step 5: Click on Submit

Step 6: “Search Encumbrance Certificate” page will appear in front of you

Step 7: You search property based on Year, Memo number

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Application Procedure Of IGRS AP | How to Apply for EC

There are two ways to apply EC online:

1. By visiting the sub-registrar office

2. By using the IGRS AP portal

By visiting sub-registrar office

This is a manual process in which you can find the nearest sub-registrar office and visit it. Request operator for an application form, fill up the application and submit it to registrar’s office. Same application’s details or if you want to verify EC that can be done online as well on AP IGRS portal.

By using IGRS AP online portal

IGRS AP new initiatives

Step 1: From the home page of IGRS go to the New initiatives section

Step 2: Click on the Online EC option

Step 3: Immediately Login page appears for those who have not logged into the portal. If you already have an IGRS AP account created then log in using credentials or for the new users they need to register first.

check below the procedure for how login and register on the IGRS AP website:

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IGRS AP Login and Registration Process


Step 3.1: Click on the Not a member link from the login page of IGRS.

Step3.2: New Citizen Registration page will open

Step 3.3: Read all instructions carefully and fill in all the details asked on the screen

IGRS AP registration

Step 3.4: Enter Captcha and Click on submit

Step 3.5: If you are registered successfully then save credentials securely with you as they will be in use for further process.

Step 4: Now log in using credentials of you

Step 5: Open the home page again and select EC online

Step 6: Enter the following details

  • Document number
  • Registration year
  • SRO name or code

Step 7: Details of the property will get fetched and show to you on screen.

Step 8: After clicking the Next button. Select the unsigned certificate option.

Step 9: Print the EC certificate online.

AP Encumbrance Certificate included details/information

AP EC certificate contains the below information:

EC certificate includes name of the landowner

Encumbrance certificate includes all transaction details related to property.

Provides total property portrayal recorded in the sale deeds.

Insights of land is that purchase on load or credit at that point.

Download Copy of EC on IGRS AP portal

If you want to print or download a copy of the Encumbrance certificate online then it is possible through the IGRS portal AP. In case you lose your certificate then here you can download it in very simple steps.

  • Open IGRS AP official portal on your browser
  • There are various sections but find “New Initiative” section below.
IGRS AP online EC
  • Click on online CC option from above screenshot list.
  • Then new screen as below appears called as Certified Copy:
EC copy
  • Select your district and fill in other details such as SRO Location(if any), Reg_DoctNo, Reg_year
  • Enter Captcha and Click on Submit.

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EC verification @ IGRS AP portal

One of the useful features for every citizen is to verify their Encumbrance certificate online. They can check and verify their EC is valid or not on the IGRS Andhra portal.

Get verified EC online by following the below steps:

Verify EC
  • Go to Services section of Official registration.ap.gov.in portal
    • Click on the Verify EC link
  • New screen appears
  • Enter Dept Tran ID
  • Click on submit
Tran id verification

Check Registration details of Andhra Pradesh online

Step 1: Go to the official portal

Step 2: Click on the link “List of Transaction” under Services Section

Step 3: Registration Details page appears you check registration details by three option Document number, Layout plots, and Apartments

Check registration details on IGRS AP by using :

Document Number

To view registration details of your property by using document number you must fill in the below details:

doc number registration details
  • Select District
  • Select Sub Registrar office
  • Enter Document number
  • Provide Registration Year
  • Click on submit to check details

Layout Plots

Another option is for layout plot owner who needs to check their registration details.

  • Select Layout Plots from dropdown
  • Select district from list
  • Select Mandal from list
  • Select village from dropdown
  • Enter survey number(you can also add more survey numbers)
  • Provide plot no
  • All entered survey no displayed on survey no list
  • Click on submit to check details
plot layout


The third option is to check details for apartment owners of AP. Follow the below procedure to check the registration details of the Apartment.

  • Select Layout Plots from the dropdown
  • The select district from the list
  • Select Mandal from the list
  • A select village from the dropdown
  • Enter Flat number
  • Provide Apartment name or House number
  • Click on submit to check details
IGRS AP Apartments

Check AP Duty and Fee Rates online

IGRS AP is the Registration and Stamps Department portal. Check the stamp and fee rates from the below links:

Check Stamp Duties Rates
Check Registration Fees Rates
Check User Charges Rates

Check Market Rates/unit Rates online on Andhra IGRS

  • Open IGRS AP website
  • You will find the Market value link under Find Section.
Market value
  • New Unit Rates screen appears on that you need to select few details
  • First, select non Agriculture rates and Agriculture rates then provide details such as District, village, and Mandal
  • Click on submit and as per the below screenshot, you will get details according to your input.
Market Rates

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Online EC AP (Conclusion)

IGRS AP EC services and all other information available in this article. Benefits of this portal, important required documents, registration process and EC download AP process etc. If you have any issue about this website you can contact on helpline number which is available on igrs.ap.gov.in ec this link.


How to calculate duty fee on IGRS AP?

Just click on the duty fee calculator from the home page of the AP IGRS portal then input the required details calculate them.

How to search EC using the Document Number?

document number igrs ap
Go to the Registration details page
Select Document no
Select District
Provide the year of registration

Check Online Unit Rates Through IGRS AP?

-Go to IGRS AP home page
-Click on the Unit Rates link
-Provide basic details like district, Mandal
-Submit and check rates.

What is IGRS AP?

IGRS AP is the registration and stamps duty property-related portal which also provides Encumbrance Certificate search and verification services for the citizen of Andhra Pradesh.

Are there any charges required to submit for encumbrance certificate?

Yes, the applicant needs to submit the application fees to the operator.

Are documents required for download or printing of any certificates?

No, nothing is required for downloading certificates, but asked details need to submit.

For submitting an application do charges need to be paid?

Yes, there are some charges/fees that need to pay while submitting an application.

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