Telangana Lunch Box Scheme 2024 Benefits For Pregnant Ladies Apply Online

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Telangana Lunch Box Scheme

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Telengana Lunch Box Scheme Benefits

Telangana Government has introduced a new scheme specially for the pregnant women of the state. The scheme will be soon implemented. With the help of the Telangana Lunch Box Scheme, pregnant women will be provided with a proper nutritious food diet.

The government had earlier started two such schemes namely KCR Kits and Amma Odi, in order to provide proper care to pregnant women and their babies. But this Telangana Lunch Box Scheme is launched with an aim to improve the health of the mother and their babies.

Under this scheme, govt. will provide meals to those women who are taking treatment in government hospitals of Telangana state. The main motive behind launching the scheme is to take care of both mother and baby by providing them proper nutrition food.

Telangana Lunch Box Scheme for Pregnant Women is a wonderful step taken by the Telangana Government. Because many women in the state does not get a proper meal in their pregnancy. And due to a lack of nutritious food and balanced diet food, babies suffer from many medical issues.

Such an appreciative step taken by the Telangana Govt. for pregnant women’s is remarkable. Many women of state have financial problems and because of that she can’t take proper food at the time of pregnancy. Because a good amount of meal with nutrition and vitamins are much needed for pregnant ladies.

In this article we are going to give full detail information regarding the Lunch Box Scheme for pregnant women. Benefits of Telangana Lunch Box Scheme and how to apply for TS Lunch Box Scheme.

Quick Highlight On Telangana Lunch Box Scheme

Apply Online for Telangana Lunch Box Scheme 2022– In this article you will get all the information related to the Telanagana Lunch Box application form PDF Download and check the eligibility criteria for Telangana Pregnant women Lunch Box Scheme. You can also check the benefits and online application status at official website.

Telangana లంచ్ బాక్స్ పథకం 2022 Latest News Update

Telangana Government is launching a scheme known as Lunch Box Scheme for pregnant women. Those women going for treatment in government hospitals in the state.

Under this scheme, pregnant ladies from various villages will be provided with proper meals. Which will includes curry and egg, when they visit the government hospital for checkup or treatment.

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Government believes that delay in treatment at the hospital can lead to pregnant women not eating rice or nutritional food, which can damage their health and affect the unborn child.

Telangana Lunch Box Scheme for Pregnant Women Overview

Scheme NameTelangana Lunch Box Scheme
Introduced by Government of Telangana
BeneficiaryPregnant women of Telangana
CategoryState Government Scheme
ObjectiveTo improve the health of Pregnant Ladies
BenefitsTo provide them with nutritional meal during their regular check up
AreaRemote Villages
Mode of ApplicationNot yet declared

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About Lunch Box Scheme of Telangana

Telangana Lunch Box Scheme is launched for pregnant women of the state who lives in Villages and remote areas. Under this scheme, the pregnant women will be provided eggs and curry in food during the visit of hospital for checkup or treatment.

Because women forget to take nutritious food like rice and other nutritious food while going to health services. In such situation the health of the child and mother is very important. And in such case if mother is not taking the proper amount of healthy food then it will affect the baby also.

Government of Telangana wanted that each and every pregnant ladies of the state must take advantage of this scheme and keep themselves healthy. And this scheme will definitely help in reducing the possibility of nutritional deficiency in pregnant women.

To eliminate the chance of malnutrition from that upcoming baby, this scheme is started in the state by the government. This is one of the great initiatives that has been announced by the Telangana State Govt.

If pregnant women eat healthily and in time, then only the babies will be healthy. Because nowadays, we can see their are many issues regarding malnutrition. And if pregnant women don’t get any nutritious food and healthy diet food then it will harm the babies.

And keeping all these issues in highlight, Telangana govt. has taken this makes step for pregnant women. By providing them with food like curry, eggs, and rice while visiting the hospitals.

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Healthy Diet Food Benefits for Pregnant Women and Baby

We all know that at the time of pregnancy, the mother must intake nutritious food for herself and for babies. If proper food is not given to a woman during her pregnancy leads to reduce immunity and the possibility of may problems like malnutrition in the child.

The health of the pregnant woman and her baby is particularly affected by the kind of food they eat. If pregnant women is given good health and nutrition food then it will make her immune system healthy, strong. And less chance to become malnutrition and reduces the risk of diseases.

Because healthy diet food decreases the chances of anemia, birth defects, low birth weight and many more. For complete care of both mother and child, it is very necessary that mother should gets healthy food so that her child can have sustainable development.

Under this scheme, pregnant women will be provided with a nutritional diet which will help the women to grow and improve their immune system. Below we have provided the list of benefits under the Telangana Lunch Box Scheme :

  • There will be fewer complications in pregnancy because they will be able to eat moong. Which is highly nutritional food as compared to before.
  • This will help in increasing the energy in women and they become more strong.
  • There will be less risk of getting sick at the time of pregnancy
  • Eating good food reduces the chances of anaemia, low birth weight, birth defects, and unpleasant pregnancy symptoms
  • Nutritional and healthy diet food helps in improving sleep
  • Successful Foetus Development

Following benefits of nutritious food to women during pregnancy: –

  • Few chances of any complications in pregnancy
  • Successful fetal development
  • Better sleep during pregnancy
  • Increase energy
  • Less risk of diseases like cough, fever, anemia
  • Low infant mortality

Telangana Govt. Initiative to Benefits Pregnant Women/Baby

Pregnant women who are coming to government hospitals from remote village areas will get the benefit of this Lunch Box Scheme. Many other schemes are also implemented by the Telangana Govt. like KCR Kit Scheme and Amma Odi Scheme in different govt. hospitals of the state.

After the successful implementation of the scheme, the number of IP and OP patients along with institutional deliveries has increased.

In remote and village areas mortality rate of both mother and child is high. The reason for this rate is higher is poverty, which robs them of the opportunity to eat a nutritional diet during pregnancy. Which leads to underdevelopment in the child when it is born.

So, keeping all these points in mind Telangana state govt. has developed this scheme for pregnant women belonging to remote and village areas.

So, pregnant women who come to the government hospital for health checkups will be provided with healthy food. Along with that they will be given health instructions on what to eat and how to eat. Because proper food is important but it is also necessary to know how it should be taken.

Govt. Lunch Box Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Those who want to apply for the Govt. Lunch Box Scheme for pregnant women must check the eligibility criteria, below we have mentioned the eligibility check it:

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Telangana State
  • Women must have Aadhar Card
  • Applying candidate must be a pregnant woman
  • Applicant must belong from the remote areas

Documents Required For TS Lunch Box Scheme

In order to apply for the Lunch Box scheme of Telangana state the applicants are required to have the following necessary documents with them :

  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • Caste certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photograph

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What is the main objective of the Telangana Lunch Box Scheme?

The main objective of the Telangana Lunch Box scheme is to provide healthy and nutritious food to pregnant women.

Who can apply for Telangana Lunch Box Scheme?

Those women who are pregnant can apply for this scheme.

Do the applicants require to pay any money to take benefit of the Telangana lunch box scheme?

No, applicants don’t need to pay any money.

Is it mandatory to have an Aadhaar Card for the Lunch Box Scheme launched by the KCR Government?

Yes, an Aadhar card is necessary to apply for the Telangana Lunch Box Scheme.

What items are contained in the Telangana lunch box?

Meals will include eggs and curry along with other nutritious items.

How can eligible women apply for the Telangana Lunch Box Scheme for pregnant women?

Eligible women can apply for the Telangana Lunch Box Scheme for pregnant women through the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) centers in their area. The scheme is implemented through the ICDS program, and the centers maintain a list of eligible women who can benefit from the scheme.

What is included in the lunch box provided under the Telangana Lunch Box Scheme for pregnant women?

The lunch box provided under the Telangana Lunch Box Scheme for pregnant women contains a balanced diet consisting of rice, dal, vegetables, and eggs. The meals are designed to provide the necessary nutrients required for the healthy growth and development of the mother and the child.

Who is eligible for the Telangana Lunch Box Scheme for pregnant women?

Pregnant women and lactating mothers in Telangana are eligible for the scheme. The scheme is available for women who are below the poverty line and are unable to afford nutritious meals during their pregnancy and lactation period.

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