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Mission Shakti Odisha

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Empowerment of women is one of the major key factor in development of society. To provide the marketing platform to the products developed by the women self-help groups (SHGs) , the Odisha state government has to launched a scheme which is known as Odisha Mission Shakti.

Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday has introduced the “Mission Shakti” specially for the women empowerment. As we all know economic empowerment of women considerably contributes to the social empowerment. Naveen Patnaik has also launched the e-market portal in order to facilitate global market links to the products which has been developed by the SHGs.

India not only works for the better economy but also helps in developing the balanced social equations. In today’s world, the highest priority is to enable women to attain economic independence by providing them with independent employment and income.

With the same focus, Odisha Government has started Mission Shakti Scheme with an objective of inspire women in the state. This self-help mission encourages the women to take up socio-economic activities with the help and support of Self Help Groups or WSHGs.

To provide the financial support to the Odisha state women through the membership of a self-help group and federations. This scheme provides the sustainable livelihood and increase the self-confidence. Through the implementation of Mission Shakti Scheme women’s will be self dependent and financially strong.

In this article we are going to provide complete information regarding Mission Shakti Scheme benefits, eligibility criteria, online application procedure etc. Interested candidates those who want to apply for this Odisha mission shakti scheme must read the complete article till end.

Quick Highlight on Odisha Mission Shakti Scheme

Odisha Mission Shakti 2024 Apply Online – Odisha Mission Shakti Scheme Online Registration and you can also download Application Form PDF. Check the eligibility criteria for Odisha Mission Shakti Yojana and beneficiary list, payment/ Amount status. ଓଡିଶା ମିଶନ୍ ଶକ୍ତି ଅନଲାଇନ୍ ଆବେଦନ, ପଞ୍ଜୀକରଣ ଫର୍ମ, ଉଦ୍ଦେଶ୍ୟ, ଯୋଗ୍ୟତା, ଲାଭ | Check the online application status at official website missionshakti.odisha.gov.in.

ଓଡିଶା ମିଶନ୍ ଶକ୍ତି Scheme 2024 Latest News Update

Chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday had launched the different initiatives of the Mission Shakti which also includes the e-portal. This will sell the products of women Self Help Groups (SHGs). CM also announced to establish district Mission Shakti Bhawan in all districts.

As per the announcement, Rs 169 crore will be given to the 338 block-level Mission Shakti federations for the construction of their own Mission Shakti Bhavan. And revolving fund Rs. 84.50 crore for the development of business and 200 crores will be provided towards the interest subvention on banks loans to the Self Help Groups (SHGs) .

Mr. Patnaik also said that no family, state or country will develop without the empowerment of women. And Mission Shakti of the State government has always shown the path to develop. Considering the COVID 19 condition Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik has advised the administration. To be vigilant and continue the awareness programme in collaboration with Mission Shakti Groups. Chief Minister also highlighted on the giving booster doses to senior citizens and frontline workers.

Mission shakti CMO Odisha Tweet

Mission Shakti scheme was began 20 years ago and now has became a great movement of the women with over 70 lakh members. And Odisha is the only state in the country to have a special Mission Shakti Department for the development of women.

When Mission Shakti scheme was launched, CM Patnaik announced that the state government will spend Rs. 1 crore for the establishment of District Mission Shakti Bhawan in all districts of Odisha.

About Mission Shakti Odisha Scheme

Odisha Government has launched the Mission Shakti Scheme on 8th March 2001. With the help of this scheme financial support will be provided to the women of the state. The financial help to the women will be provided through the membership in WSHGs. Women who are the members of self-help groups will get the full assistance of the Odisha government to promote lucrative works.

Now, the women will be able to get the institutional credit through the self-help group which will help them to get self employed. Under this scheme, financial support will be provided in different forms like seed money, Mission Shakti Loan and revolving funds.

Odisha government is going to do a planned partnership with the banking sectors. So , that it will have a hassle-free banking services at various levels to the members of self-help groups. This will help the women economically empowered. As we all know that, economic development is directly proportional to the social development.

Odisha Mission Shakti Tweeter

The more women’s in the state earns more independent she will become and will holds a better position in the society. And that what exactly Odisha Mission Shakti Scheme wants to do. Through this scheme the government want to make the each and every women self- dependent economically as well as financially.

On International Women’s Day, Under Mission Shakti Odisha pledged several socio-economic activities. Since then, near about 6 lakh groups comprising of 70 lakh women have been grown. Growth in this area has led to rapid advancement for women in the state.

Directorate of Mission Shakti not only handle and monitor this project but also provide the financial and occupational guidance. The main behind launching this scheme is to connects the most of the women’s to self-help groups and become financially independent on her own feet.

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Mission Shakti Scheme Odisha Overview

Scheme NameOdisha Mission Shakti
in Odia Languageଓଡିଶା ମିଶନ୍ ଶକ୍ତି
Launched byGovernment Of Odisha
BeneficiariesWomen Self Help Groups
Major BenefitProvide Incentives to women Group
Main ObjectiveTo Empower Women
Scheme underState Government
Name of StateOdisha
Post CategoryScheme/ Yojana/ Yojna
Official Websitemissionshakti.odisha.gov.in

Main Objective of Mahila Mission Shakti Scheme

The main objective or aim of Odisha Mission Shakti is to strengthen women financially through women’s self-help groups. Not only these groups promote the underrated talents of women, but also turn them into opportunities for professional development. This mission has 2 targets with one aim – social strength of women and economic direction of the markets.

 The objective of the Mission Shakti is not only formation of SHGs for women. But it also provides the financial support, imparting training to women for capacity building and management, establishing bank links, livelihood skill development.

There are lakhs of women whose lives will be touched by this important decision. Women will not only become economically self-reliant but also more focus about their rights and role in the society. Beneficiary self-help group can take seed money, mission shakti loan and revolving fund.

The Mission Shakti Loan will be interest-free. Due to this self-help groups will become independent which empowers women’s. Other than this, because of this wonderful scheme launched by the Odisha Govt. women will now able to achieve sustainable livelihood, self-confidence, and financially capable.

Financial Support To Women Self Help Group

Financial reports and generation performance will be recorded digitally. Below are the types of Financial support that will be provided to the women self-help group

Seed money

Each eligible self-help group will be supported by Rs. 15000 by the Odisha Govt. who have not received micro-credit or revolving funds from the government. Members of the group can use this amount to establish their credit worthiness and gain access to investment opportunities  

Other than this, it will also helpful in availing Bank linkage by increasing the group collection. This money will be helpful in fulfilling the immediate need of the SHGs.

Revolving fund

Financial support of Rs. 25 lakh per block federation will be provided to the BLFs. The amount will be provided in two stages. With the use of this money, self-help group will able to strengthen the capacity and it will provide the financial autonomy to the institution in using the fund. According to the business plan of each SHG member, this amount will also be available for lending.  

Mission Shakti loan

State Government of Odisha in the year 2013 has launched the Mission Shakti Loan Scheme. With the help of this loan scheme, government will provide the affordable credit to the women’s self-help groups. Beneficiary can take loan at 2% interest up to Rs. 300000.

The purpose was to motivate the self-help groups to invest more capital in livelihood activities, so the annual interest rate was decreased to 1% for women self-help groups.

In 2019, the scheme was revised so that beneficiaries do not have to pay interest up to a loan limit of Rs 300000 provided that they repay the loan on time. Those banks that use the core banking solutions will provide loans under this scheme, which is open to scheduled commercial banks and cooperative banks.  

Mission Shakti Women Progress

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Features and Benefits of Odisha Mission Shakti

  • Below are the features and benefits of Odisha Mission Shakti scheme :
  • Odisha government had launched the Odisha Mission Shakti Loan Scheme on 8th March 2021
  • Mahila Mission Shakti encourages the independence of women and importance of freedom
  • This scheme provides the financial support to the women of the Odisha state through their membership in self-help group and federations.
  • This Mission is governed by the Department of Women & Child Development and a specific Directorate of Mission Shakti scheme.
  • Women will be linked to the financial institution through this scheme
  • Beside, from this women will be able to get the institutional credit by self-help group which will enable them to get self employment
  • This scheme will ensure the better livelihood by increasing the scope of employment of women
  • Under this scheme various types of financial support will be provided in the form of seed money, revolving fund and Mission Shakti Loan
  • Separate office and web portal has been developed for the mission for better handling and focus on this scheme
  • Odisha Govt. is going to do the strategic partnership with the banking sector , which will be hassle-free banking services
  • Scheme will definitely going to make the women economically empowered
  • Under this scheme the market exposure to the self-help groups products created
  • For proper monitoring and implementation of Mission Shakti scheme govt. is going to organize financial literacy. And credit counselling program at the village levels in order to educate the women’s
  • Generation of performance and Financial report will be in digital manner
  • Linking the women to get the financial organization for better development of their business
  • Mission Shakti scheme helps in building the self confidence among the women’s
  • Monetising the women’s talents and creating a better market for the products that are “Made In India”
  • Detail information of scheme will be available online, which save times and resources of not only the state govt. but also the public.
  • Mission Shakti App will give much better deliverance of services

Mission Shakti Loan Scheme Organizational Structure

Below we have provided the flowcharts which represents the organizational structure of the project at different levels :

State-Directorate of Mission Shakti

  • Administrative unit- principal secretary/commissioner cum secretary, commissioner cum director, joint secretary, financial advisor, deputy secretary, desk officer, section Officer, assistant section Officer
  • Support team- state project monitoring unit, team leader, Institution and capacity building specialist, financial inclusion specialist, livelihood and skill development specialist, market linkage specialist, monitoring and evaluation specialist, publicity and IEC specialist, human resource specialist, accountant, office assistant
State-Directorate of Mission Shakti


  • Administrative unit- collector cum district magistrate, district social welfare officer, district mission Shakti coordinator
  • Support team- district project monitoring unit, district project coordinator, district programme assistant cum accountant
Mission shakti Team and units

ICDS Project

  • Administrative unit- child development project officer, block mission Shakti coordinator
  • Support Team- block project monitoring unit, block project coordinator, block program assistant cum accountant
ICDS Project

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Below are the name of the Odisha district along with the link, check the link as per your district:

Name of districtLink
AngulClick here
BalangirClick here
BalasoreClick here
BargarhClick here
BhadrakClick here
BoudhClick here
CuttackClick here
DeogarhClick here
DhenkanalClick here
GajapatiClick here
GanjamClick here
JagatsinghpurClick here
JajpurClick here
JharsugudaClick here
KalahandiClick here
KandhamalClick here
KendraparaClick here
KeonjharClick here
KhordhaClick here
KoraputClick here
MalkangiriClick here
MayurbhanjClick here
NabarangpurClick here
NayagarhClick here
NaupadaClick here
PuriClick here
RayagadaClick here
SambalpurClick here
SubarNapurClick here
SundargarhClick here

Mahila Mission Shakti Community Structure

The community completely involves women’s at different levels. Generally, women gathers together to form local self-help groups at a very basic level. Depending on the preference, occupations and locations. Multiple groups finally combine Gram Panchayat Level Federations at particular Gram Panchayat Level District.

This GPLFs are categorized under Block Level Federations which helps in combining the products clusters to get managed by District Level Federations.

Main Focus Under Odisha Mission Shakti

Formation and strengthening of women self help groups:- Around 6 lakh Women Self-Help Groups are formed and nurtured by the Mission Shakti Odisha. And this women self help groups consists around 7000000 women members.

Linking women with financial institutions- Mission Shakti Scheme has many women self help groups with the bank credit system practices such as regular meeting, thrift and credit, internal landing etc. are reinforced at regular interval of time.

Financial inclusion-   Under the Odisha mission Shakti scheme, seed money and revolving funds are being provided to women’s self-help groups to empower them. Self-help groups have been able to invest more capital in livelihood activities because of credit linkage and interest subventions  

Policy formulation–   With the help of various stakeholders, this scheme identifies the policy gaps between current government policies and recommends suitable policy measures .Through this scheme women empowerment has been achieved at a greater level

Gender equality–   The scheme is also helpful in reducing gender discrimination and social ills, since it helps put power in the hands of new leaders of women.  

Odisha Mahila Mission Shakti Statistics

Women self help groups6 lakh
Self help group members70 lakh
Digital empowerment assistance to 600000 self help groupsRs 180 crore
Interest subvention providedRs 280 crore
Revolving fundRs 169 crores

Odisha Mission Shakti Eligibility Criteria And Documents Required

Following are the eligibility criteria and required documents needed to apply for the Mission Shakti Scheme :

Eligibility Criteria:

Women of Odisha state can apply for this mission shakti scheme if they are part of self-help groups. The women must have an email ID and contact number for creating an account on Mission Shakti App.

Documents Required for Mission Shakti Scheme:

In order to apply for this scheme you will require the following documents mention, check it

  • Beneficiary must be women self help group situated in Odisha
  • Aadhar card
  • Residence certificate
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Birth certificate

Odisha Mission Shakti 2024: Online Application Form

Odisha Mission Shakti 2024 Online Application Form PDF Download : Empowerment of women is the key development which helps in developing the society as well as making them financially independent. Economic empowerment of women contributes to the social empowerment.

Helping such women to achieve economic independence by enabling them to have independent employment. Because if women get employed then it will increase the economic power of our country. And therefore, the promotion of Women’s Self-Help Groups (WSHGs) under Mission Shakti programme was adopted in 2001. This will definitely bring a great strategic achievement in the women’s empowerment.

Department of Mission Shakti Yojana

Chief Minister of Odisha State Mr. Naveen Patnaik has approved the new formation of “Department of Mission Shakti”. As per the govt. decision, the newly developed department will start functioning from the date of issue of the notification. Department of Women & Child Development and Mission Shakti will be renamed as “Department of Women & Child Development”

From the date of notification, all other infrastructure and assets at the disposal of the Directorate of Mission Shakti and NULM pertaining to SHG activities at the State, District, Block, GP and Village level shall be managed and under the control of the new Department of Mission Shakti.  

New Department will deal with the following subjects:

  • Mission Shakti
  • Odisha Livelihoods Mission (OLM)\
  • Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana (DAY)
  • National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM)
  • National Rural Economic Transformation Project (NRETP)
  • Self Help Groups (SHG activities dealt by SUDA)

Odisha Mission Shakti Capacity Building, Livelihood, Skill Development And Market Linkages

  • Under this Mission Shakti Scheme the Odisha government has arranged different forms of training and capacity building programs for community institutions
  • Capacity building for any community system is very important for its professional functioning. With the help of capacity building, community organizations can function well and deliver the services effectively and efficiently.
  • Apart from this, Mission Shakti scheme also provides the livelihood support to the women self help groups and their federation through various income generating activities.
  • This income generating activities involves vegetable cultivation, civil construction, agriculture, flour mill, organic farming, door mat making and many more such activities are included.

Institution Building Under Mission Shakti Odisha Scheme

Institutional building is the way to know that how people relate to one another in context with public reaction in public activities. It is the major dimension of Odisha Mission Shakti Scheme. The main goal and objective of Institutional Building is to improve the gender equality, policy action, economic empowerment in Odisha state.

Through this Mission Shakti scheme promotion of higher-level institution, women self-help groups at gram panchayat level federation at gram panchayat level. Block level federation at the ICDS project level and district level federation at the district level is promoted.

Mission Shakti Odisha Scheme Partnerships

The Mission Shakti has collaborated with two other projects:

  • ORMAS: Collaboration project of ORMAS and mission shakti goes by the name of “Convergence of ORMAS and Mission Shakti for promotion of Livelihood and marketing of rural products”. This program ensures betterment of lives by promoting the livelihood activities.
  • RSETI: Rural Development and Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI) along with the core of Mission Shakti plans of training women regarding the entrepreneurship development. Skill development training is provided to women and the expertise of the RSETI is tried to absorb through this collaboration.

Odisha Mission Shakti Online Registration Procedure

Naveen Patnaik Chief Minister of Odisha announced the COVID assistance of Rs. 453.50 crore to self-help groups under Mission Shakti. The Odisha Government has sanctioned Rs. 84.50 crore as a revolving fund to the Block Level Federation’s . And state govt. is providing interest-free loan to the women of Mission Shakti.

Eligible candidates who wish to apply for this scheme must read the all instructions carefully nd follow the below mention steps to apply online application form:

Process to Apply Online Odisha Mission Shakti Application Form 2024

  • Visit the nearest Bank of your location.
  •  Now in the Bank Office, ask for the “Odisha mission Shakti from”.You must read the application form carefully.
  •  Enter the required details asked (Mention all the details such asname, mobile number, email id etc and other information) and attach all the required documents. Now you need to submit this form in to the bank office.

By following this procedure you can apply under Odisha mission Shakti

How To Download Mission Shakti Mobile App

Mission Shakti Website
Mission Shakti App
  • You will be redirected to a new page.
  • Now you have to enter your mobile number and password
  • Click on the sign in option
  •  After that, you have to click on download mobile app
  • The mobile app will be downloaded in your device

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Mission shakti Odisha pdf (Conclusion)

Mission shakti scheme Odisha services and all other information available in this article. Benefits of this portal, important required documents, registration process and mission shakti registration process etc. If you have any issue about this website you can contact on helpline number which is available on missionshakti.odisha.gov.in app portal.

FAQ about Mission Shakti Scheme

What is Mission Shakti?

Mission Shakti is a state programme for empowerment of women in Odisha through Self Help Group approach.

What is Mission Shakti Loan?

Sate Govt. of Odisha will provide loans at 0% interest rate to all SHGs for the loan availed upto 3 lakh on prompt repayment. The interest subvention scheme of the Odisha govt. is known as “Mission Shakti Loan”.

What are the women institutions for which Mission Shakti is working?

Mission Shakti is working for Self Help Groups, their federations such as Cluster Level Forum (CLF), Gram Panchayat Level Federation (GPLF), Area Level Federation (ALF), Producer Group/Cluster (PG), Block Level Federation (BLF) and District Level Federation (DLF).

Who can be a member of SHG?

Any women in the age group of 18 to 65 can be a member of SHG.

What are the Marketing Support provided to SHGs under Mission Shakti?

SHGs are facilitated to participate in different District level/State level and National level fairs and Melas to sale their products. Apart from this Group of SHGs are provided with market complexes for marketability of their product at different prime locations across the state in the name of “Mission Shakti Bazar”.

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