Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme 2024: Benefits & Eligibility

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CM breakfast scheme

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In order to prevent hunger and nutritional deficiency among the children, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MK Stalin has recently launched a scheme which is known as the ” CM Breakfast Scheme “. This breakfast scheme is specially launched for government school students from classes 1 to 5.

While launching the scheme the CM said that this scheme will bring a beneficial change in the lives of poor people. The free breakfast scheme in government schools across Tamil Nadu will help in increasing learning skills and school attendance.

Tamil Nadu Government introduced this scheme on 27 July 2022. And this scheme will assist around 1500 government elementary schools, which will have approx. 1.14 lakh children ( as per the report).

The TN Government is planning to serve a variety of food items to the students in the morning for breakfast. It will include Rava upma, semiya upma with vegetable sambar, semiya khichdi, rava khichdi, Rava Pongal, etc. from Monday to Friday. They will be also served with a sweet dish ( Rava Kesari or semiya Kesari) on Fridays.

To know more details about the Breakfast scheme for the government students read the complete article. In this article, we have provided each and every single details regarding the CM Breakfast Scheme. And who can apply for this scheme? Also how to apply for the free breakfast scheme in Tamil Nadu.

CM Breakfast scheme update

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Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme 2024

The Tamil Nadu Government has formally launched the 1st phase of the ” Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme“. This scheme is expected to benefit over 1.14 lakh students of the government primary schools.

Earlier, Chief Minister M K Stalin announced in the Assembly that in order to encourage economically weak students to study, to get rid of nutrition deficiency and remove the learning gap.

The government of Tamil Nadu will provide a free nutritious breakfast to the students of classes 1 to 5th. He also added that this scheme will be implemented in a phased manner.

MK Stalin noticed that many students are skipping their morning breakfast to reach their schools. And some of their family conditions are also preventing them from having morning breakfast. Therefore, the government has come up with this wonderful Breakfast Scheme for the Students.

In the order issued by Chief Secretary V Irai Anbu on Wednesday, it was noted that the scheme will be initiated at 1,545 government primary schools in corporations, municipalities, panchayats, and other remote and hilly areas.

And this will benefit about 1,14,095 students of Classes I to V. The government has set a budget of Rs 33.56 crore for the project/Scheme.

Chief Minister Breakfast Scheme Latest News Update

The CM said that the scheme is not about providing the freebie, it is the duty of the government to ensure that the children are fed. He added that ” when I visited a school in Chennai, I casually asked a child if they ate breakfast. I was shocked to learn that most students don’t have breakfast. I realized the immediate need for a breakfast scheme“.

The government is spending Rs.12.75 per child every day under the breakfast scheme. In 1st phase, 417 schools located in municipal corporations, 163 schools in municipalities, 728 schools in village panchayats, and 237 schools in interior villages and hilly areas will be covered in this scheme at a cost of Rs.34 crores.

Free Breakfast Scheme in Tamil Nadu

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu stated that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it should never be avoided or skipped. Because children rush to school early in the morning and forget to do breakfast. Skipping breakfast makes the children weaker, angry, and restless. And also the immunity system becomes low and during the entire day in school, the children feel tired.

Let’s have look inside the scheme, below we have discussed some very important pouts regarding the breakfast scheme, check it:

  • Every student will be provided a 150-500 gram breakfast with sambar and vegetables. For two days the breakfast will be made of millets.
  • This scheme will provide breakfast to the students of classes 1 to 5 only.
  • More than 43,600 students studying in schools in Municipal Corporations, more than 17,400 studying in those in Municipalities, more than 42,800 in village panchayat limits, and more than 10,100 students in remote and hilly areas would benefit from the scheme.
  • The govt. has approved 33.56 billion rupees for the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme on July 27, 2020.
  • In the 1st phase of this scheme, the government will supply breakfast to about 1,545 govt. primary schools and which will be benefited 1.14 million students in the school.
  • This scheme will help in adding nutrient-dense breakfast to elementary school children on school days.
  • The breakfast scheme will be implemented through local bodies till the time it gets expanded and cover the Tamil Nadu state.
  • The noon meal scheme saw improvements and it evolved into the nutritious meal scheme. The food scheme for school children is set to move up to the next level now in his party-led government’s tenure.

Breakfast Scheme To Benefit Over 1 Lakh Students

CM Stalin, citing iconic leaders such as Periyar E V Ramasamy, C N Annadurai and M Karunanidhi, has said that their vision is nothing should become an obstacle to children’s education. And they are feeling experience boundless joy in fulfilling their dreams.

The breakfast scheme has Rs.33.56 crore allocation and will be implemented across more than 1,500 schools in the first phase. Which will be benefitting almost 1 lakh 15 thousand students.

CM Free Breakfast scheme was launched at the Aadhinoolam Corporation Primary School in Madurai by preparing and serving food to the students. CM also sat on the floor along with the students to enjoy the breakfast meal.

Free Meal System For School Students in Tamil Nadu

When the Colonel Olcott School was built in Chennai during the early 1990s, the social reformer, Pandithar Iyothee Thassar started to provide mid-day meals to the school children. Later on, Mayor Pitti Theagarayar of the Justice Party launched the noon meal in a Chennai Corporation school.

Now, CM Stalin mentioned that the former CM K Kamaraj also launched the noon meal scheme in 1995, after that the lunch scheme became prominent in the state-run school of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister learned that many students are coming to school for their studies without having breakfast. So, considering such a situation he said that ” no student should be taught when they are hungry or they have not done the breakfast”.

The raw material which is used for the preparation of food for the students must be in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Food Safety and Standard Authority Of India.

The local administration must coordinate with the authorities in implementing this in the schools. “ It will be the duty of the school management committee to inspect the quality of the food every day before it is served to the students“.

New schools added to Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast scheme

Under the breakfast scheme, a total of 112 new schools have been added in Tamil Nadu. Now, the scheme will help 6,500 children in Palacode primary schools. All 112 Government and Government-aided primary schools in the Palacode block will implement this program.

Many several meetings have happened with the government officials regarding the scheme implementation plant in panchayat as well.

The main purpose is to develop the nutritional and physical growth deficits among the government school students ( especially those who belongs to economically weaker background)

TN CM Breakfast Scheme Menu List

Week DaysMENU
MondayRice Upma or Rava Upma or Semayya Upma or Wheat Upma with Vegetable Sambar.
TuesdayRava Khichdi and Samay Kitchadi, Vegetable Khichdi, and Veet Rava Khichdi with Vegetable Sambar.
WednesdayRava/Pongal Pongal & Vegetable Sambar.
ThursdayUpma of Rice & Rava, Upma & Samay, Upma & Veet Rava, Upma & Rava Kesari, & Samay Kesari
FridayRava Khichdi, Samay Khichdi, and Vegetable Khichdi, Rava Kesari, and Samay Kesari.

Note: Meals can be changed accordingly. It is said millet food must be added to the menu twice a week.

81 TIRUCHY Elementary Schools will benefit From Chief Minister Breakfast Scheme

Tamil Nadu CM Free Breakfast Scheme will be served in both urban and rural regions of schools. And for this, the government has allocated Rs.33.56 crore budget. For this scheme, more than 1500+ government primary schools in the state have been chosen. And more than one hundred thousand pupils will get benefited from this breakfast scheme.

A total of 81 schools in the Trichy district will be assisted under this scheme. And out of which 40 will be from the urban regions and 41 will be from rural places. As per the reports, the department has taken 123 staff members so far. In every school, a total of 3 staff members will be engaged in this activity.

On behalf of the State Institute for Rural Development, a professional chef will be offered training for the employees in Chennai.

The cooking process will start at 6.30.a.m so that the breakfast can be served promptly and distributed by 9. a.m.

This cooking and distributing timing has to be maintained since the student’s time and school time will not get wasted.

According to the recent update, the schools selected under the program will be administrated by the Tiruchy corporation. The scheme will be implemented in schools beginning of September and will be further expanded to other districts.

Main Objective Of Tamil Nadu Breakfast Scheme

The main objective or aim of the Breakfast Scheme Tamil Nadu is to spread awareness of self-confidence among school children. Educating the students regarding the importance of mental and physical health by launching such wonderful schemes. The aim of this project is to ensure that the school children are having a nutritious breakfast.

Because breakfast is the most important meal of our day and no one should skip breakfast. It helps the students to get a good start on the day.

But many students rush to school in the early morning without having breakfast. Which is not good for their health and Tamil Nadu CM has also addressed that no one should skip their breakfast. And because of this situation, he has launched the breakfast scheme.

Now in the government school of Tamil Nadu, the students of Classes 1 to 5th will get breakfast in the school itself.

This will help in making the students come to school daily and increasing school attendance as well as there will be no gap in education.

Because there are many students in the state, whose family financial condition is not good and who can afford daily breakfast for their child. That’s why CM Stalin launched the scheme so that each and every child in classes 1 to 5 will have a daily nutritious breakfast in school.

And this scheme will encourage the students to learn the importance of nutritious and healthy food benefits. And they can come to school and continue their study without any problems. This scheme will assist a large number of elementary school pupils. The government has set a budget of Rs. 33.56 crores for the 1st phase from 2023.

7,618 Coimbatore students Benefit from TN Chief Minister Breakfast Scheme

The CM Tamil Nadu Breakfast Scheme will benefit most elementary school pupils in Coimbatore. MK Stalin CM of Tamil Nadu unveiled the initiative on July 27. Rs.33.56 crores have been allocated by the government for this project.

As per the latest update of the Breakfast Scheme, the beneficiaries include 1,14,095 kids from 1,545 schools. Most of them are CCMC students. From 62 schools Coimbatore has 7,618 students.

From Coimbatore district, 1,119 pupils from 9 schools in Mettupalayam municipality and 730 kids from 3 schools in Madukkarai municipality have also been added. For 3 years CCMC has issued a tender to cook and deliver the breakfast from Monday to Friday.

From the latest update, a contractor will set up a single kitchen and offer breakfast to the 5 zones. The total costs, including the preparation, transport, and distribution to the students will be done by the contractor.

Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme Eligibility Criteria

If you want to apply for the CM Breakfast Scheme then check the below-mentioned eligibility criteria for Tamil Nadu CM Breakfast Scheme:

  • Students must belong to the Tamil Nadu State
  • They must be from government school
  • Students must be studying in class 1st to class 5th

TN Free Breakfast Scheme Benefits

Below we have mentioned the benefits of the Chief Minster Breakfast Scheme, check it:

  • The free breakfast scheme will be benefited the students of Tamil Nadu government schools from classes 1 to 5.
  • Students will be offered a free meal/ breakfast in the early morning.
  • Breakfast is very important for all children, it helps in nourishing the child’s brain and health.
  • This scheme encourages the children to the healthy and nutritious meals.
  • The scheme provides benefits to the approx. 1.25 lakh young people.
  • With the help of this scheme, the children who miss the morning breakfast will not feel hungry at school and remain active throughout the day.
  • Because there are many students whose family financial condition is not that good to afford daily breakfast for their child. So, this scheme will help such students to have daily breakfast at school.
  • As well, this will encourage the students to come to school daily without any gaps.
  • More than 43,600 pupils in municipal corporations, 17,400 in municipalities and more than 42,800 in village panchayat boundaries, and more than 10,100 in rural and mountain regions will be benefited from this CM Breakfast Scheme.

Tamil Nadu Breakfast Scheme Registration Process

Tamil Nadu CM breakfast Scheme’s official website will be soon launched, and we’ll keep you updated. Stay connected with this page for more detailed information regarding the scheme.

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